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The Bridge September 2003;

Angels in Wood by Jennifer Potter

Once upon a time just before Christmas we were walking down Celetná and stopped to gaze into a puppet shop. But the thing that caught our eye were not the puppets but carved angels. Not just any angels; not Baroque cupids or naïve angels or life-like effigies but naughty angels which while they had golden curls and wings looked as though they had committed a sin and were not exactly ashamed. It was Christmas, Prague about 5 or 6 years ago felt like a fairytale and we bought just one angel - we heard of some Americans who could not resist a flock and bought six. Years later the shop in Celetná had closed and while browsing in Obchod pod lampou - the puppet shop by the Charles Bridge I recognised the distinct style of Marek, as he signs himself on his carvings or Marek Rostislav to give him his full name. His style is distinctive and unique combinig nativity of colour and form with sophistication and style. He makes carved figures, puppets, small animals, toys, one-off objects, furniture and also illustates both wall murals and books. Marek has worked with wood since childhood but first trained at high school as a musical instrument maker learning to manage the compilaticated strings of the grand piano. But a poor ear put an end to this as a career and he began training in Brno as as furniture restorer and carver. White he does still restore furniture, for thirteen years he has worked as an artist with wood. Puppetry seems a natural marriage of his early training - what are puppets but carved figures working to the strings of music. When asked about his inspiration he found it hard to be precise. He allows the wood to talk to him to give him the direction, the form, the shape. He swings from the poles of King and the Jester, popular puppet theature images; from the spiritual to the childlike. The angle of the child is obviously important to him. He has two of his own, and uses chilhood images in his people and animals and some of his favourite project have included murals for the children's ward of a hospital, animals for an adventure playground for disabled children and desks especially developed for blind youngsters. His house and garden are full of toys he has made to entertain his own children and, very close to his heart, he has written and illustrated a children's fairytale he would dearly love to have published. Back to the wood, he works mostly with lípa (lime), taking each piece and allowing its form to guide his carving. He begins to see a shape and the ideas come. His pieces are immensely tactile, they make you want to feel them, to stroke them and he himself often does not want to give them up. He wants his carvings to create positive feelings of happiness passing good vibes and thoughts, bringing a smile to the face perticularly of children. He never works when he is fed up or miserable as he feels this would be reflected in his carvings. Marek's work is available in shops; he has had exhibitions in Prague, Hradec Králové (his home town), Prague and more or you can commission your own work. He has made figures for theatre awards, for the Czech Pavilion at Hannover Expo and for me. He is an artist with wood - breathing life, fun, humour, pathos into each unique carving. You can see some of Marek's work or commission your own at Obchod pod lampou, U lužického semináře 5/78, Praha 1, tel.: 606 924 392.


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